Safe Roads and Roadsides Programme

The Government is investing $600 million over six years in the Safe Roads and Roadsides Programme which aims to significantly reduce deaths and serious injuries on rural state highways around the country.  The programme is being carried out by Safe Roads, a delivery arm of the NZ Transport Agency specifically created for the task.

Safe Roads will make around 1500 kilometres of rural state highways throughout the country safer through relatively simple measures, such as rumble strips, shoulder widening, safety barriers, better signage and changes to speed limits.

Many deaths on our roads are caused by head-on collisions or vehicles running off the road and hitting trees, poles or ditches. This programme recognises people make mistakes, but these mistakes don’t have to cost lives. Safety improvements to a road and the environment around it can significantly reduce the severity of injury or the likelihood of death, in the event of mistakes. In other words, these internationally proven strategies make our roads more forgiving of human error.

The Safe Roads team believe locals know their local roads best, so they are working with communities to find safety solutions that fit in with the way they use their roads.

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