2013–2015 Action Plan

The second Action Plan focussed on consolidating what had been achieved in the first action plan, as well as setting out a focused, strategic approach centred on a small number of transformational actions with a high level of ambition.

The 2013-15 action plan focussed on making long-term gains from actions to:

  • advance the Safe System approach
  • address speed as a cause of road death and serious injury
  • improve roads and roadsides
  • improve the safety of the New Zealand vehicle fleet
  • reduce crashes caused by impaired road users.

The plan took a tiered approach. The top two tiers addressed the most complex and multi-dimensional problems where there are multiple perspectives, and many stakeholders, and which required senior level commitment and sponsorship for a breakthrough.

Strategic actions addressed the greatest challenges to a Safe System and took a transformative approach. Areas for focus included those where progress on Safer Journeys areas of concern had been slow, or where long standing barriers to creating a safe road system needed to be removed.

Cross-sector enablers supported the strategic actions. They required cross-agency work plans to accelerate progress and give greater benefits and improved outcomes. The National Road Safety Management Group (who report to the National Road Safety Comittee) championed these actions, which required reprioritisation of effort and investment plans.

Download the Safer Journeys Action Plan 2013-2015

Safe System

A Safe road system increasingly free of death and serious injury